Our Companies

DataMap Intelligence:

DataMap Intelligence is a data content provider that creates exclusive geo-demographic data pertaining to the parameters and vital characteristics of virtually all new and emerging residential developments across North America. Data content includes attributes such as street centerlines and address ranges, parcel data, housing starts, sales data and absorption rates. Its exclusivity lies in the fact that it has aggregated data of the exact location of virtually all new and emerging residential developments throughout the United States and Canada, together with their vital characteristics, and can deliver this data in geospatial format.


Parcel-Data offers parcel boundaries and centroids to organizations that require precision geocoding and accurate property identification in a wide range of industries. Industries including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and government, rely on parcel data to research and analyze property characteristics such as environmental factors, demographics, and tax jurisdictions. Parcel-Data.com parcels are based on parcel polygons acquired from local governments, internal and third-party sources across the United States providing point-in-polygon analysis and display capabilities. Their data is delivered in shapefile format to allow the customerflexibility to access the parcel data via the platform of choice. Parcel-Data has over 100+ million parcels affording customers access to the same parcel data offered by vendors such as Pitney Bowes and Core Logic with more accessible terms and at a much more affordable price.

PineRock Development:

PineRock Development is a diversified land development company focused on the development of raw land throughout the United States with a keen interest in bankingland. PineRock Development banks properties and negotiates them through the entitlement process. PineRock takes raw land from zone changes to final agency approvals and has a history of resolving entitlement issues and development constraints. PineRock Development was established with the awareness of the shrinking inventory of easily buildable properties. PineRock realizes the need for a company who had the expertise to find, analyze and develop properties in a building industry which had to contend with the ever increasing constraints. Through its extensive database, aggressive acquisition approach, technology and know-how in finding sites PineRock can thoroughly research any given area that will result in concrete acquisitions at attractive prices and provide the end user with a tailor made ready to build "shovel ready" product.


Put-Me-On-The-Map is a free service offered to Builders and Land Developers funded by the major mapping companies to help expedite the process of getting newly developed streets into map circulation. Studies show that less than 20% of all new residential developments can be located using a personal navigation device (GPS). In today’s tech savvy environment having a new development/street in map circulation is crucial. With personal navigation devices in use by millions of travelers a day, if you’re not listed in most major mapping databases, you virtually don’t exist. For no charge at all, Builders have the ultimate power by providing Put-Me-On-The-Map with the information of their new development. To get mapped, all a Builder needs to do is simply upload the final plot (site) plan to Put-Me-On-The-Map at the time of local government approval. Put-Me-On-The-Map does the rest.