About Us

PineRock Capital is a unique Capital Investment Company. The Jerusalem Post quotes Warren Buffet as saying that "Israel has a disproportionate amount of brains." We seek entrepreneurs who have a disproportionate amount of brains, are exceptionally talented, demonstrate aggressive business ethics with a compelling business idea, but whose talent is squashed due to the inability to finance the idea. If this is you - we share something basic - the desire to build great companies from the ground up. We are a capital investment company run by people who listen to, analyze, and advise entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs who have founded, operated, and scaled companies, and we want to lend our experience to the next generation of company leaders. If you have a groundbreaking business idea, we have the capital, experience, and commitment to help you build it.

PineRock Capital's Mission:

Assist great entrepreneurs determined to build companies with lasting significance. Knowing and doing what it takes to foster winners. We are in the company-building business, not in the "deal" or "capital" business. We are active partners who do everything we can for our companies and have not forgotten how to hustle. We get our hands dirty. When good isn't good enough, we help you think outside the box and we help you change the rules.

What We Look For:

At PineRock Capital we want only "A" teams and founders —entrepreneurs who know what they know and are the best in the world at it. We invest more in people than in a specific plan, because plans change often. If you have a compelling story or exceptionally accomplished or credentialed people, we are willing to listen. But we are not looking for a good ROI; we are looking to build companies. In our view, the ROI follows company building. We will help you redefine your plan to meet these criteria if the business breakthroughs are significant.